Musical Composer: How to become

If you are passionate about music and want to make it your life’s work, becoming a music composer might be just the thing for you. This professional has the opportunity to work with music, composing songs that will animate the world of cinema and television, as well as the greatest music shows in the world.

Of course, the training of a good music composer is long and requires a good degree of personal commitment, as well as much effort is required to break through in the world of art.

As you can read in the following lines, however, a good training path and the right professional knowledge will certainly help you to make your path to music composition easier and faster.

Let’s discover the profession of musical composer, the most suitable training path to become a composer, the essential competencies for this professional and how much you will earn becoming a composer!

Becoming a musical composer: the training path

Yes, because training for a true music composer is everything, especially at the beginning of a career.

Therefore, having clear the training path to pursue is a real plus for the professionals of the future.

From an institutional point of view, the ideal would be to attend a musical high school first, through which you will learn the main concepts related to the systems of grammar and syntactical rules used in musical composition (mode, tonality, popular and contemporary systems), thus learning to produce simple compositions as a basis to fly to more complex productions.

If you are no longer “in time” for high school music, don’t worry:

the main road to become a music composer in Italy is surely to study composition at the conservatory (see the list of the Miur of conservatories in Italy).

Even if it is not easy to be admitted in a conservatory in Italy (and those who have attended a music high school certainly have an extra gear) with the right training and the right professional courses you will be able to access it without too many problems.

Take your first steps to become a music composer: let the online courses help you

The professional figure of the Musical Composer is not easy to achieve.

There are many theoretical-technical knowledge required. Somewhere, however, you have to start.

Online music courses are an extremely promising musical training frontier, because they allow you to range from genres to the most disparate instruments, allowing you to take part in several courses at once without spending a fortune.

But the real advantage of online music courses is their undeniable convenience: with an internet connection and a device capable of surfing the web, training is at your fingertips, finally free from the constraints of where to attend classes, rigid schedules in which to take part in the courses and tight learning times, limited to the duration of the lesson in the classroom.

Whether you want to become a music composer, or you are simply an incurable music lover, we suggest you take a look at these cheap online music courses, through which you can learn how to play an instrument, read a score, etc..

Music composer: tasks and skills

As we were saying, to become a music composer and work in Italy and abroad it is important to have very concrete skills that go beyond “pure art”.

The first indispensable competence for a composer is to master the musical language with all its expressions and solutions.

Here it is the study that makes the difference: you will need to dedicate a sufficient number of hours to the exploration of musical languages.

What I recommend is to study with practice:

In order to master the musical language in the best possible way, it will be very useful for you to practice many small compositions focused on the different exercises that will appear from time to time in front of you.

Another advice is to learn how to play an instrument, a skill to be combined with musical analysis.

Playing an instrument (if you want to learn to play the guitar, take a look at our advice on the subject) will help you to understand music from a different point of view than just theory.

Moreover, speaking of the current era, skills in computer science and electronics are increasingly in demand in the world of musical composition because even in this field technology is becoming a fundamental means to work quickly and at best.

Speaking again about the skills of a good music composer, especially in the field of film and television production, it is important to know how to interpret the footage and know how to approach the right musical language to the visual sector.

In short, that of the musical composer is a work that is halfway between the eclectic artist and the craftsman. So let’s look at the tasks of this particular professional.