Do you like music? know the differences

What is your favorite music style? Are you sure you thought of a style and not a genre? And rhythm, do you know what it is?

If these questions ended up causing a mess in your head, don’t worry. Music attracts people who understand everything about it and people who only know how to enjoy the sound and everything is fine.

Anyway, if you really like the subject, it might be nice to understand the differences between musical styles, musical genres and rhythms.

What is style

The style is something personal that is tied to the choices that are made by the artists involved in music production. Do you know when you suspect that a song is by a certain artist, even without hearing his voice, because to something in the sound that passes this idea?

It’s probably the style.

Musical style is about personality and that’s what differs one musician from another, one composer from another. It is something that is tied to rhythms, melody, harmony, the way of playing and other elements.

In today’s world, we can say that style is also related to the way music is sold.

With all of this, the difference between styles is much more a matter of perception about the personality that each artist imprints on his music and that presents itself.

As you will understand later, artists of the same genre can have very different styles.

What is genre

In turn, musical genres are ways of categorizing styles and grouping them according to their similarities. MPB, for example, is a very characteristic genre among Brazilian musical movements.

Counting on several influences, from bossa nova to funk (the African-American genre) MPB brings together artists with a style, that is, with a sound that is easily recognized by those who know and are fans of music.

Besides the musical style, the categorization of the genre also takes into account the instruments, the sound and the theme or themes. But all this can become even more specific.

The subgenus

Have you heard that Gilberto Gil is classical MPB and that AnaVitória is the New MPB? Differentiations like these can be made due to the division into subgenres that are nothing more than subcategories.

If you like this genre, we invite you to read our special post about MPB and listen to some of the songs that deserve highlighting.

Going back to the explanations, if you need another example to understand better, consider that rock is a genre and heavy metal, hard rock, grunge or progressive rock are examples of subgenres.

It is therefore a way to make a genre more easily identified by fans.

If you discover a new artist and like his style, you can find out which genre he belongs to to discover other similar artists. If you can find out which subgenre, the chances of finding new music you really like are higher.

And what is rhythm?

Finally, rhythm is something that can be important to identify an artist’s style and, above all, to understand which genre he belongs to. After all, rhythm is a musical element.

When we talk about musical rhythm, we talk about a coordinated movement, about repetitions of musical intervals that are part of the composition of a song.

These intervals can be weak or strong, short or long, regular or irregular.

Either way, they end up determining or dictating the time of the music and that makes rhythm one of the fundamental elements of a composition.

It’s not all the same, but…

Even before these explanations, it is possible that you knew well what rhythm was, even if you did not know how to explain it.

We suppose this because anyone who has ever ventured to dance to any song has been invited to try to get into the rhythm.

In a way, by experience and instinct, we end up understanding that the rhythm is what marks the music.

The repetitions and intervals are what helps us to know when to move our bodies and at what speed, for example.

On the other hand, the confusion between style and gender is very common. We hope that, with the explanations, you have been able to understand the difference between the meanings of the two terms, but you can be sure: you will find them exchanged or being used as synonyms around.

So, if you’ve killed your curiosity about what musical styles are or what musical genres are, but you’re worried about not knowing how to use the concepts correctly, relax.

What else touches there!

The tip is to relax because the most important thing is to enjoy the music and enjoy your favorite styles or genres. Dancing out of the rhythm is also allowed!

So, regardless of your preferences or abilities, we take advantage of the fact that we are still on this subject to tell you which musical genres are most heard in Brazil.

For that, we went after a research released by Hypeness portal that separates the genre preferences by region of the country.